Our founders
Balint Pasztor, CEO & Roland Pinter, CTO

Our thesis: If we solve data, we solve AI.

Computer vision underpin major human advancements in everything from self-driving cars, drones, and defense, to robotics in consumer and industrial spheres, as well as in healthcare, manufacturing, and agriculture.

Here's the challenge: developing cutting-edge computer vision demands an enormous amount of photorealistic imagery. Today getting this data just does not cut it and is highly inefficient, especially for industries and applications which have not been around for more than a decade unlike autonomous driving.

Until now, with Generative AI - for the first time ever in history - we are now able to mass generate photorealistic synthetic data.

Having built and sold autonomous driving and computer vision products, built cutting-edge AI products at one of the best European genAI team, we are tackling the problem we first-hand experienced:
the lack of data is major blocker in
any AI-based development environment, now we are solving it for computer vision development.

Join us. This isn't just a journey; it's a movement. Let's redefine what's possible in CV and AI, together.